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Helping you reach mutually beneficial agreements and if necessary helping you through the court process

The breakdown of co-habitation or a marriage is always very traumatic. You will be guided through the process of trying to reach a fair settlement in relation to financial matters and issues concerning children.


For financial issues there will need to be an exchange of financial information and in complex cases this maybe followed by a forensic analysis of the information supplied. Once sufficient disclosure has been provided there would then be an attempt to resolve matters by mediation.


If that fails you would be guided through the court process. Mark Bowman when possible would also represent you at court.


Mr. Bowman has had considerable experience in dealing with difficult disputes concerning child custody and contact arrangements. He will give you personalised advise at every stage of the involved in the dispute. He has had the benefit of many years of experience of seeing how the courts will resolve such matters.


If you are now contemplating marriage a pre-nuptial agreement can be prepared for you; specifically tailored to your individual needs.


At Bowman & Co. Litigation Solicitors, we can provide you with our professional and expert advice regarding family law where needed and help you come to a conclusion that both of you will be happy with.


Our fees are competitive and when possible you will be offered a fixed fee. The initial meeting is free of charge.




Whatever your legal needs are, you can count on our expert solicitors to assist you. From matrimonial law to civil litigation, we'll help you with all your legal requirements.

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